Pearl Hogrefe

"Pearl Hogrefe was a powerful force for humane learning within the state of Iowa, as well as nationally and internationally... Her widely influential former students and colleagues measure in the hundreds."
— Jauvanta M. Walker, 1977

Pearl Hogrefe's career as a distinguished scholar, teacher, and author spanned eight years, including seven years at the University of Northern Iowa. During her 46 years as professor of English at Iowa State University, she founded the creative writing program, a magazine devoted to the arts and the Writers' Round Table. An internationally renowned scholar and author of seven books, Hogrefe wrote several works of particular distinction about Women's role in Tudor, England. To honor her leadership in the American Association of University Women at the state and national level, a state AAUW Fellowship was named for her. In 1972, the Pearl Hogrefe Endowment Fellowship was established at ISU to provide creative writing awards. Born in 1889, Hogrefe died in 1977. Hogrefe was inducted into the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame in 1982.